Categories: Feature 
Country: Philippines 
Runtime: 01:15:00
Genre: Crime, Drama  Police 


Ronda (Original title), Patrol (English title), Pattuglia (Italian title)


A policewoman roams the city of Manila to fulfill her duties as a police patrol and to look for her lost son. 

Ronda follows the journey of Paloma, a policewoman who patrols the streets of Manila at night. She is looking for her teenage son who has been missing for days. As she searches, she discovers truths about herself and the corrupt system she works in. Throughout the film, there are snippets of radio broadcast. The film is set while Former Philippines President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo was being charged for plunder. Paloma, whose surname is Arroyo, like her namesake, is a woman in power who has lost control. She maintains a strong facade even though her world is crashing around her.



Aiai delas Alas

Carlos Morales

Angeli Bayani

Cesar Montano


Director – Nick Olanka

Writer – Nick Olanka, Adolf Alix, Jerome Zamora

Producer – Aileen delas Alas, Nick Olanka, Adolf Alix

Cinematograpy – Albert Banzon

Sound Mixing – Mark Locsin

Production Design – Roma Regala

Music – Francis Concio


Nick Olanka is a graduate of UP Film Institute. A day after graduation he made his first feature film “Ang Huling Araw ng Linggo” for Cinemalaya Film Festival 2006. Since then he has extensively worked in theater, television and film as a writer and director. For television he directed shows such as "Apoy sa Dagat" and "Maalaala Mo Kaya."


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Ronda is about decay. Set in the decaying streets of Manila, an honorable policewoman's principles are tested while her broken relationship with her husband and son stands on the edge of failure. Manila—with its neon signs and crumbling buildings—seems lonely and desolate, very much like the psyche of a policewoman at the cusp of abandon. 

Best Film nomination – Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival

Best Actress nomination – Urian Awards (Philippine Academy of Motion Picture)

Official Selection – P-Noise Filippinsk Film Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark

Official Selection – World International Film Festival in Singapore

Official Selection – Lumiere Cinemavvenire International Film Festival in Rome, Italy

Official Selection – World International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada

Official Selection - Bengaluru International Film Festival in Bangalore, India



Phoenix Features is a production company based in the Philippines. Established in 2011, it had produced 6 films namely Patrol, Legend of China Doll (2013), Porno (2013), Death March (2013), Wildlife (2012) and Fable of the Fish (2011).

With only six films in its roster, Phoenix Features had outstanding presence in international film festivals. Fable of the Fish in Nantes Festival of 3 Continents, Toronto, Pusan, Fribourg and Edinburgh International Film Festival. Wildlife in Rotterdam, Pusan and Warsaw International Film Festival. Porno in Cinemalaya and Singapore International Film Festival. Legend of China Doll in Cinema One Originals, Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival and International Film Festival Rotterdam. Patrol in Cinemalaya, Lumiere Cinemavvenire IFF in Rome, Bengaluru IFF in India and Filippinsk Film Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark. Death March in Cinemalaya, Busan, Vesoul and its world premiere in Un Certain Regard of Cannes Film Festival.

Phoenix Features had co-produced films with leading independent Filipino producers such as Cinemalaya, Cinema One Originals as well as several international production companies such as Wa Entertainment and Forward Group. The film Wildfire had financial support from Cinemart, Hubert Bals and Global Film Initiative. Several of its films had distribution deals with Visit Films, Film1, Film1 Sundance Channel and Equation Distribution.


Narrative Feature