Caravan Ek Kafila

Categories: Feature

Language: Hindi

Runtime: 01:18:00

There are numerous casts and sub casts in India, Even in this modern era most of them are outside the jurisdiction of the mainstream judiciary and are governed by cast committee’s. Even today many of these people still believe in and prefer the quicksand of ancient superstitions and caste system. Rangya, as a child was abandoned by his parents to fulfil a vow made at a holy place, brought up in a Caravan of street artists, he falls in love with Bhagyashree who is the village headman’s daughter, she inspires him to raise his voice against the unjust rule of the caste committees, Bhagyashree’s powerful father tries to finish Rangya and his caravan, but with Bhagyashree by his side Rangya decides to continue his crusade to awaken the suppressed people and lead them to a new sunrise. Information for the audience: Directors: Nishikant D Ravji Writers: LAXMAN SURYABHAN Producers: M S Tripathi Key cast: AANIRUDH SHARMA, SHRREEYA RANE, ASHAWINI SURPOOR, NISHIKANT RAOJI, M S TRIPATHI, MANGESH DALVI, RAHUL BHAVAL, NITIN KARJATKAR, NIRMALA PATHAK, PRIYA GAIKWAD, ANKUR GOYAL, GURUNATH MEHER, RAJU GURAV, YASUDAS PAWAR, YUSUF SAYYED, M S TRIPATHI, AAVINASH JADHAV, RAMESH KAMBLE, MEGHNATH LABDE, POOJA MISHRA, ASHUTOSH WALKAR, JAYANT HALDAR, DALVINDER SINGH

Information for theatres:

Student project: No Completion date: 2016-02-10 Shooting format: RED MX Aspect ratio: 1:2:35 Film color: Color First-time filmmaker: No


Narrative Feature